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ILA Response to House Resolution

Idaho librarians will continue to give thoughtful consideration to age-appropriate materials for our libraries. As we value an independent-thinking populace, librarians will select material that reflects multiple, often contradictory, viewpoints so Idahoans may read freely and form their own opinions.

The Idaho Library Association supports the right of parents and guardians to guide their children's knowledge, and we uphold librarians' longstanding tradition of speaking openly with any concerned community member about material within our libraries. We maintain trust in the ability of librarians and library trustees to create collections that best serve their own communities. 

ILA continues to encourage librarians and library users to engage in good faith in the legislative process. We trust that we will be able to offer testimony and to meet with legislators without fear of reprisal. We look forward to working collaboratively with our legislators to discuss the value and purpose of libraries in communities throughout our state. We are grateful to be involved in meaningful discussions at the end of this session and look forward to our involvement in the work group over the interim.

-Amy Campbell, ILA President

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