Idaho Librarian
Vol. 57, No. 3/4  February/May 2006

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The Idaho Librarian

The Idaho Librarian (ISSN 0019-1213) is an official publication of the Idaho Library Association. Its purpose is to support the mission of the Association by providing a forum for ideas and issues relevant to its members.

The Idaho Librarian hosts feature articles, opinion pieces, book reviews, interviews, and similar types of material. The Idaho Library Association also publishes a Web site, which is devoted to more time-critical news and material directly related to the business of the Association, such as officer lists, division reports, directories, forms, etc.

The Idaho Librarian is published four times a year, in electronic form only. Notification of each new issue’s publication will be posted on the LIBIDAHO listserv. To subscribe to LIBIDAHO, visit the following Web site:

Idaho Librarian Staff


Philip A. Homan

Book Review Editor:

Kristi Austin

Technical Assistant: 

Sue Carter

To contact the editor, please send email to
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Idaho Indexed:
A History of the Idaho Bibliography

by Anna-Lise Smith

A Bibliography of Idaho Bibliographies

by Anna-Lise Smith

2003 Annual Bibliography of Idaho Materials

compiled by Deborah Babbitt,
Nick Bazemore,
Ralph Hansen,
Nancy Rosenheim,
Julie Thuis,
and Roxyanne Williams

Idaho Academic Library Statistics
for Fiscal Year 2005

compiled by Bob Hook