Idaho Librarian
Vol. 54 no. 2, November 2002

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The table of contents for this issue might suggest that we have turned the Idaho Librarian into a vanity press.  Forgive us for making it appear so.  I became editor shortly after the ILA conference in October, at about the same time that I came down with an ailment that rendered me largely dysfunctional for two weeks.  When I and my associate editor were finally able to address the task of bringing out the November issue, we realized that there was insufficient time to carry out our original plan for its contents. 

Not to put too fine a point on it, we saw that the only way the November issue was going to appear in November was by our assembling material that we could quickly create or acquire.  Hence, a good deal of our inaugural issue is written by……us.  This is not a pattern we intend to repeat.  For our next issue we plan to call upon librarians throughout the state to help us create a picture of how we and our libraries are faring during the lean economic times that have overtaken us.  We will be contacting school, public, academic and special libraries in an effort to portray the effects of the economic slowdown on libraries’ resources and personnel.  

 We welcome queries, contributions, complaints, suggestions, opinions, diatribes, commentaries and revelations.  We are to be found at [email protected] and [email protected] Keep in touch.
                                                                                                                                                          The Editor

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Idaho Librarian Staff

Editor:                                              Leonard Hitchcock
Associate Editor                             Kristi Austin
Technical Assistant                        Sue Carter               

And special thanks to Sandra Shropshire for her invaluable help in enabling the new editors to stumble through this first issue.

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A Note on the Cover: With this issue we resurrect the figure of Punch bearing books.  He was the mascot of the Idaho Librarian years ago, when Gregg Sapp was the editor and the journal was published in paper.  I have always thought that this burdened little fellow  was an admirable representation of the way librarians would like to see people leave their libraries. 
                                                    The Editor


               Sandra Shropshire


    Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves
                 Leonard Hitchcock and Kristi Austin

    Degree or not Degree.....?
                  Getting an M.L.S. from Emporia State
                   Kristi Austin

    Update on the Patriot Act
                  Leonard Hitchcock

                   Latest Developments: 11/24/02


Book Editor's Notes
Kristi Austin

   Red Thunder by David Matheson
Reviewed by Romana Hillebrand

    High Points of the United States by Don  Holmes
Reviewed by Bob Hook

    Books Available for Review


     Short, informal book reviews.


   Giving them what they deserve.
Grove Koger


      Biographical notes on contributors to this issue.