Idaho Librarian
Vol. 53 no. 1, 18 July 2001


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UI English Professor Outlines Local Literary History

ILA Lobbyist Talks with ILA

Update on ILA Awards Winners

Young Readers' Choice Awards Made

Eli M. Oboler History on the Web

Goodbye to Rand Simmons

State Librarian Wraps Up Legislative Year



Summer Reading Program

Museum and Library Conference

Cultural Property Protection Conference


Idaho Librarian

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he Idaho Librarian serves its purpose along side its counterpart publication, the Idaho Library Association web site.  In doing so, the Idaho Librarian hosts feature articles, opinion pieces, book reviews, interviews and similar types of material.  Material relevant to the Idaho Library web site is that of a time-immediate nature, officer lists, directories, forms, etc.

The Idaho Librarian is published in electronic form four times a year.  To the extent possible, each issue will contain certain elements which will appear regularly.  Elements include, but are not limited to Reviews, Opinions, Features, and Events. 










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Editor's Message

On My Mind: Views from Readers



Idaho Academic Library Statistics

Instructions for Contributors

Instructions for Reviewers

Dana Award Competition Announcement




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