LibIdaho List Administrator – November 2013

ILA Email List Administrator Report November 20, 2013  Took over the administration activities of the LibIdaho in October Created Gmail account for LibIdaho administration [email protected] Password: ILAadmin Currently 779 subscribers to LibIdaho About 20-30 emails per day are spam. These messages are rejected and the email address blocked.  Immediate next steps needed: Change contact information […]

LibIdaho Annual Report

LibIdaho report for October 5, 2011 meeting. libidaho-Report.10.4.11.doc 26.5 KB

LibIdaho – List Report

LibIdaho Discussion List Report 4.15.11 libidaho-Report.4.11.doc 27 KB

LibIdaho Administrator Annual Report 2010

Annual.Report.10-10.doc 25 KB

LibIdaho Moderator's Report October 2009

This year's Annual Report presents the proposed changes to the LibIdaho policy and discussed statistics of the list as well as the status of archives before 2007. Annual.Report.10-09.doc 187.5 KB

LibIdaho Moderator Report 10/2008

October 2008 Annual Report of LibIdaho Moderator Annual.Report.10-08.doc 33.5 KB

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