Bylaws – suggested changes

Draft of proposed changes to go before membership at general meeting in October Idaho Library Association Bylaws proposed revisions draft Feb ’11.doc 67.5 KB

Proposed Bylaw revisions draft

first attempt at wording regarding membership classification changes – for discussion Idaho Library Association Bylaws proposed revisions draft.doc 67 KB

ILA Student Representative Duties – description

ILA Student Rep duties.doc 23.5 KB

Policies and Procedures running draft

Running draft of all suggested changes to date as well as a few newer highlighted areas to be confirmed by board.  ILA POLICIES and PROCEDURES draft 9-2010.doc 104 KB

Bylaws revision recommendation

recommended Bylaws changes to take to membership in October, 2010 Idaho Library Association Bylaws rec revision Oct 10.doc 64 KB

Committee report 2009

ILA Oct 09 report.doc 22.5 KB

Bylaws Report 2008

ILA Oct 08 report.doc 24 KB

Constitution / By-laws Committee Report

Constitution / By-laws Committee Report const-bylaws-committee-rpt-1-10-07.pdf 21.3 KB

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