Microsoft Imagine Academy Committee Report Comments Off on Microsoft Imagine Academy Committee Report

Date: 2/26/16

Name: Gretchen Caserotti, Meridian Library District

Committee:  Microsoft Imagine Academy Committee (formerly known as IT Academy Ad-Hoc Committee)



Date: 7/17/15

Name: Gretchen Caserotti, Meridian Library District (with Luise House, MHPL)

Committee:  IT Academy Ad-Hoc Committee

Ongoing or Completed Activity/Events:

Idaho State Department of Education included public libraries in an RFP for the Microsoft IT Academy and ICFL and the ILA ad-hoc committee are helping work through the process. There are a lot of unanswered questions, but a feeling of promise that libraries we invited to participate and seen as a valued educational partner in Idaho. Publicity has been minimal though the Rexburg Standard Journal wrote an article about the news in early July.

Successfully reached threshold for minimum signups in Idaho (160 schools and libraries opted in),

ICFL working as liaison between SDE and libraries, helping to arrange trainings. There were virtual and in-person trainings in July that were held by SDE which some library staff from participating libraries attended. SDE working on library-specific face-to-face training around the state in the fall. Dates and locations to be determined. They would like to bring educator in to the libraries as well.

At the bare minimum, public libraries that opted-in will offer access to the IT Academy online curriculum, continue to explore the 2nd and 3rd level (in-person and test certification) abilities in the pilot year.

As of 7/15/15 all site licenses (vouchers) for test certification have been assigned to schools. Still uncertain about licenses for library staff to get certified, but libraries not getting licenses for the public.

SDE plans to develop PR packages aimed at libraries to help with roll out efforts

This is the first year and feels to be a rushed roll-out to many participants. The rush from SDE as we understand it is to get it rolled out in schools for a full year, then can advocate for repeat funding if successful. Washington State also has public libraries partnered in the program so many talking with staff there and looking to them as a model.

To Do:

Develop feedback tool for libraries who participate (survey) ; decision needs to be made survey given only at end of year or 6 mo and 12 mo?

Help share information as needed with ILA members about upcoming trainings.

Assist ICFL in continued coordination with SDE on the program.

Continue to encourage libraries statewide to participate as a MITA provider-only site or as a testing center – there is still time to contact the SDE

Upcoming Meetings/Events:

None planned at this time. Communication happening over email.


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