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Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2017


Call to Order:  Amy Vecchione called the meeting to order at 11:03 am/mountain time. Those present were Amy Vecchione, ILA board chair: Erin Downey, vice chair; Ann Joslin, State Librarian;  Trisha Mick, Treasurer;  Beverly Richmond, Secretary; Beth Swenson, Beth H., Ellie, Jennifer, Jessica, Julie, Lacey, Molly, Larry and Ben Hunter. Absent Becky Proctor and Kristi Haman.


Approval of meeting minutes:  Trisha moved that the meeting minutes for February 6, 2017 be approved. Molly seconded. Motion passed.


New Business:


Nation Builder:  Erin stated that she has been working on providing ILA with a much more “user  friendly” website and the design and instructions are easier to use and follow than what we are currently using.  The new website address is:




Erin requested that ILA set a “go live date” for the launch in the next couple of weeks. Discussion followed.  Trisha asked about the Dashboard that showed 805  conference attendees already signed up. Jessica asked about participation and permission levels.  Trisha moved that April 3 be the “go live” day, Ben seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer–New Forms: Trisha has sent out new forms for reimbursement  for travel expenses to each of the board members.  Trisha stated that our current policy states that travel re-imbursement is to be completed 45 days after travel or no later than Dec 15 of the year. Trisha has drafted a new travel re-imbursement form along with new expense and deposit  forms. Trisha would like the policy language to be updated to read that reimbursement for board members for meeting state that board members must be present at the meetings and must happen within 15 days of the meeting.  Ann moved that the language of the policy be changed to reflect those changes. Erin seconded. Motion passed. 2 people abstained.


Old Business:


Board Structure:  Amy provided the board with four different options for re-structuring of board chair, vice chair and past president. The outcome would be to provide better understanding of position roles and responsibilities and to clarify how things are being done now. It was questioned as to whether the President had to be on the board prior to taking office. There was discussion about the options and the overall consensus was that the board liked option 2.


Option #2


Year 1

  • Vice Presidents role is to learn the job of the president
  • President duties are wide and varying.
  • Past Presidents role is to advise the President and Vice President



Year 2

  • Vice President moves to President
  • President moves to Past President
  • New Vice President is elected


There was discussion and the board decided to move this until next month to vote on.


Conference:  Lacey reported that we do not need to pay for the conference bills until the conference. Larry reported that currently the only way to pay for those bills is with cash, certified checks or a personal check within 2 weeks after the conference. He stated as of right now we are financially doing good and can afford the conference at this point.


Legislative:  Amy wanted the board to know that in spite of a good showing at Legislative Day, Senator Mortimer motioned for the floor to not fund the talking book program of ICfL.


Lastly Shawnee wanted to let everyone know that at Boise Public Library on May24, 2017, Richie Eppink will be presenting Censorship, Surveillance and Intellectual Freedom, hope to see everyone there.


Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 11:48/


Next meeting:  April 11, 2017 @ 11:00 am mountain time

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