Idaho Book Award Nominees

2014 ILA Book Award Nominations
2013 ILA Book Award Nominations

2016 Nominations (as of March 2017)


Listed chronologically as received

  1. Dig Too Deep, by Amy Allgeyer
  2. Seasons Silently Waiting, by Eileen Mayer Thiel
  3. Wolf Land, by Carter Niemeyer
  4. Deadhead: The Bindweed Way to Grow Flowers, by Jeriann Sabin and Ralph Thurston
  5. Idaho Wilderness Considered, edited by Murray Feldman and Jennifer Emery Davidson
  6. River of January — Figure Eight, by Gail Chumbley
  7. The Blackfish Prophecy, by Rachel Clark
  8. Jagged Edge of the Sky, by Paula Marie Coomer
  9. When Songbirds Returned to Paris, by E. M. Sloan
  10. Creating Makers, by Megan Egbert
  11. University of Idaho, Keith Petersen and Dulce Kersting
  12. A Little Dam Problem! by Jim Jones
  13. 7003 Days, by Jim and Holly Akenson
  14. Sawtooth Whitecloud, by Mark Lisk and Nicole LeFavour
  15. Climb the Mountains, by Orval Hansen
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