Maker Committee

Led by Co Chairs Jeff Stratter of Salmon Public Library and Deana Brown of Boise State University, the Maker Committee is an Ad Hoc committee. It was established with the goal of supporting libraries who are, or are interested in, making by providing opportunities to share, connect, and grow.

Add your library to the map and get connected:

The Idaho Library Association Maker Committee it working to create a network of makers and makerspaces in Idaho libraries that will facilitate the sharing of ideas. You can help!

Does your library do a craft with story time? You’re making!
Does your library have a robotics group? You’re making!
Does your library have a crafting group? You’re making!
Does your library offer coloring sheets? You’re supporting a culture of making, and we want to hear about it!

Supporting making isn’t about a physical space. It’s a mentality. If you’re building, creating, or tinkering, you’re supporting making in your community!

Fill out this FORM to have your library added to the interactive map of Idaho Makers. Doing so will make you a part of a network of active makers in Idaho, who you can connect and share with.

The committee is tasked with:

  • Organizing for the National Week of Making in June
  • Setting up two online meetings per year to discuss best practices and Maker spaces on Adobe Connect
  • Connecting with Tammy and Sue from ICfL serve on the committee
  • Establishing a Twitter chat like Maker chat #makerchat
  • Enhancing ILA relationship with SPLAT
  • Submitting a report annually to ILA in October
  • Posting meetings on LibIdaho
  • Agendas will discuss best practices

Maker Committee Reports

Maker Committee Report February 2017

Maker Committee Report Dec 2016

Twitter Chats are on hold, but will return. Stay tuned!
#MakerChatID twitter chats happen on the first Wednesday of every month at 7PM MST. Catch up on past chats on this storify!

For those who’ve never joined in a Twitter chat before, get ready for a whirlwind hour of excitement, ideas, and beautiful collaboration between colleagues, fellow makers, via the plus sides of social media and technology.

Twitter Chat Resources:
Review https://blog.bufferapp.com/twitter-chat-101 for info of how a Twitter Chat is moderated plus get helpful hints on sites that add the hashtag each time you tweet without having to remember to type it.

Share, Share, & Share:
Twitter Chats are only as successful as the users that use it. The more we spread the word about what we’re up to, the more we’ll have a diversity of cultures and ideas to help generate new mind opening ideas!

This chat has been posted and scheduled on: TweetReports.com, Hashtag registered on Twubs.com, and posted to https://sites.google.com/site/twittereducationchats/

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