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  • Monday, May 02, 2022 8:19 AM | Cresta Craner (Administrator)

    Hello Idaho libraries,

    ILA’s current vice president, Jessica Bowman, has accepted a job out of state and is stepping down from her ILA position. We are seeking someone to serve the remainder of her term which runs until October 2023. The job of vice president is a dynamic and important one, and serving on the ILA board is an excellent way to develop leadership skills and become more connected with library workers throughout the state. Previous experience with ILA is not required as Jessica has offered to continue as a co-vice president for a time until the new vice president has settled into the role.

     Below is the description of the vice president’s duties. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact Jessica Bowman at or Amy Campbell at

    Thank you,

    Vice President

    Must be an individual member of ILA

    • Serves as a voting member of the Board of Directors.
    • Acts ​in the absence of the President. If the President vacates the office, the Vice President completes the term.
    • Serves ​as the chair of the Regional Conferences Committee and Steering Committee.
    • Calls for a financial review from the current Treasure within 30 days after a change of Treasurer.
    • Makes decisions about web page content when appropriate; refers other decisions to the board for discussion.
    • Updates the ILA social media accounts.
    • Represents the President upon request.
    • Keeps in close touch with the President throughout the year to solve problems and to prepare to assume the duties of the presidency.
    • Assists the President in monitoring the website for updated content.
    • Receives regular reports from committees.
    • Committee appointments
      • Appoints ​chairpersons of all operational committees, and serves as ex officio​ member of all operational committees.
      • Suggests members to serve on committees. Final appointments are made by the Vice President after conferring with chairpersons of committees, and after gaining consent of individuals to serve.
      • Appoints special committees, when necessary, with approval of the Board of Directors.
      • Maintains a current file of information needed by new Board and Committee members.
      • Informs each committee chairperson, at time of appointment, of specific duties of committee as defined by the Board of Directors; indicates objectives each committee is expected to attain during its period of service; and urges early consideration of budgetary needs.
      • Ensures that all committee appointments are made in time for publication on the website, and/or other appropriate association publication, as determined by the Board.

  • Monday, March 21, 2022 12:53 PM | Cresta Craner (Administrator)

    A word from the Idaho Library Association,

    The Idaho Library Association upholds the values of intellectual freedom and the freedom from censorship as inalienable rights provided by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. We are committed to protecting all Idahoans in their rights to write, read, and publish, and as such, are committed to providing free access to information.

    As trained professionals, we recognize that not every viewpoint, book, audiobook, program or video is for everyone and provide a variety of materials accordingly. This is why we also support parents and families in their ability to choose from among our collections what they want to read, so that everyone has a voice or viewpoint to choose from.

    ILA condemns censorship in all forms, supporting access to a variety of viewpoints. 

    The Idaho Library Association is actively working to support librarians’ efforts to provide equal access of information to individuals, families, and all Idahoans.

    There will be changes coming to the listserv soon, so please stay tuned for an announcement!

    If you would like to speak with someone about Intellectual Freedom, Advocacy, or any other issues please email and

    Thank you,

    Jessica Bowman

    ILA Vice President

  • Tuesday, March 08, 2022 3:10 PM | Cresta Craner (Administrator)


    HB 666 moved onto the Senate. We are not sure of the timeline, but what we have learned is that everything is moving fast. 

    Please write letters to all the members of the Idaho Senate.

    We do not have the information that was provided in legislator packets, including book titles, so we suggest you mention that we don't know if those books are actually in our library and what section they're in. 

    Talking points:

    • Policies in place, age appropriate materials
    • The ALA has policy in place too
    • Books reconsidered may move to adult section
    • Who gets criminalized? The person who bought the book? Shelved it? Checked it out?
    • "Harmful material" is not well defined, opens the door to banning of a lot more than the books they're talking about

    If you'd be willing to testify, please let Huda, our Legislative Committee Chair, know. Also, please reach out if you have any questions.

    Thank you! 

  • Friday, May 14, 2021 3:33 PM | Cresta Craner (Administrator)

    2002 Idaho Library Association Legislator of the Year Hal Bunderson and State Librarian Stephanie Bailey-White stand with copies of books that Mr. Bunderson donated to libraries around the state.

    Mr. Bunderson wrote or edited all seven of the donated titles which encompass the unique history and stories of Idaho and the people who shaped our state. The Idaho Commission for Libraries and the Idaho Library Association worked closely with Mr. Bunderson to ensure the books made their ways to library shelves for Idahoans to enjoy for years to come.

    Thank you to Mr. Bunderson for his generous donation and continued support of Idaho libraries!  

    - Amy Campbell, ILA President

  • Wednesday, April 28, 2021 11:19 AM | Cresta Craner (Administrator)

    The Children’s Literature Lecture Award Committee is seeking suggestions for our 2023 honoree. The lecturer may be an author, critic, librarian, historian, or teacher of children’s literature, of any country, who shall prepare a paper considered to be a significant contribution to the field of children’s literature. The lecture will be given in April or May of 2023 at a site to be chosen next year.

    ALSC members are welcome to send suggestions to the committee for consideration. Please send your proposed lecturer(s), with supporting rationale for each recommendation.

    The nomination form is available online and the deadline for submissions is July 31.

    Recent past lecturers include Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop, Neil Gaiman, Dr. Debbie Reese, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Jacqueline Woodson. The complete list of past lecturers is on the ALSC website.

    The 2023 lecturer will be announced at the 2022 ALA LibLearnX next January in San Antonio. For more details about the lecture, please visit the Children’s Literature Lecture Award site.

  • Wednesday, April 07, 2021 1:37 PM | Cresta Craner (Administrator)

    Did you know that every public library in Idaho and the families with young children in your communities will directly benefit from the Preschool Development Grant (PDG)? The Idaho Library Association is writing to share our formal support of Senate Bill 1193 and the PDG. 

    Idaho libraries and the Idaho Commission for Libraries are named partners in this grant. Funding would enhance an existing family-centered approach to ensuring children are ready for kindergarten by engaging parents as partners in educating their young child. The funds give every library in the state the opportunity to get new, quality, classic picture books on their shelves selected to encourage early literacy practices: Read, Write, Sing, Talk, and Play; as well as the ability to offer early learning resources for parents including Ready! for Kindergarten workshops for parents, grandparents, and caregivers with young children.

    Ready! for Kindergarten gives parents information and hands-on materials to engage their little ones in powerful at-home early learning. The grant funds will support children, parents, early childhood small business owners, and childcare workers directly as well as all Idahoans through a variety of library materials and services. Public libraries offer lifelong learning and access to information and opportunities that make our communities stronger. Many of the families libraries serve are homeschool families and families not using childcare; these families in particular look to libraries for quality, free, supplemental educational resources and programs.  When libraries have the resources to support Idaho’s earliest learners and set the stage for an improved quality of life, we all benefit. 

    One Library in southwest Idaho conducted a survey in their district to determine what parents felt would be useful to help them prepare their children for kindergarten. The results indicated parents seek just the variety of resources the Preschool Development Grant helps provide. Parents specifically asked for clear information about the Kindergarten Readiness standards, hands on materials to teach and reinforce letter, number and shape recognition, letter sounds, learning games, and a Kindergarten Readiness class as well as support in helping their children with social and emotional skills like problem solving and calming down. 

    Another Idaho library offers a 10-week kindergarten readiness program aimed at preparing children ages 4-5 for kindergarten by focusing on a combination of early learning competencies and social-emotional skills, developed in concert with local kindergarten teachers. This program is in high demand, with consistent waiting lists. Kids come excited, but they also come lacking kindergarten skills, such as knowing the alphabet or how to hold crayons and scissors. By the time they complete our program, over 95% of children can identify letters and the sounds they make, a critical indicator of reading success. 

    PDG funds would assist libraries in their work with parents in these and other specific learning areas to help prepare their children for success in kindergarten and in life.

    The Idaho Library Association supports Senate Bill 1193 and we ask you to do so as well.

    Amy Campbell

    Idaho Library Association President 2020-2022

  • Tuesday, March 09, 2021 3:33 PM | Cresta Craner (Administrator)

    Friday's CVAC meeting focused on discussion around vulnerable populations, the remainder of Group 2, and further clarifications on Essential Workers in Group 3. Despite ongoing advocacy efforts on our behalf, library workers are not explicitly named as a priority category in Group 2 or 3. We are not alone among groups surprised and disappointed not to be specifically lined out as prioritized. In the end, it was recommended that Idaho follow some sort of age/health flowchart for the next category group as below. 

    Idaho has created a new COVID-19 vaccine appointment pre-registration solution to assist Idahoans in making an appointment to get the vaccine. Please share this with coworkers and the public:

    The new COVID-19 vaccine appointment pre-registration system is available at . From the press release: "'The ability for Idahoans to get a vaccine--should they choose to do so--is my top priority," Governor Little said. 'The new pre-registration system is designed to take the frustration out of getting a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. It is user-friendly, easy to understand, and it was built from the ground up with Idahoans in mind.' The pre-registration system allows Idahoans to add their names to one waiting list regardless of when they are eligible to get the vaccine. They will be contacted by an enrolled COVID-19 vaccine provider when it is their turn and when the provider has appointments and vaccine available."

    ILA encourages anyone interested in the vaccine to register as above. Additionally, please remember:

    • Employees who meet any criteria for age or health are eligible to sign up for an appointment anytime. 
    • Now that more pharmaceuticals are official vaccine sites, they are often left with doses at the end of the day. It may be possible for someone to obtain a vaccine this way. ​

    Thank you,

    Amy Campbell

    Idaho Library Association President 2020-2022

  • Monday, March 08, 2021 1:58 PM | Cresta Craner (Administrator)

    If you would like high-quality, free books on Idaho for your library, please continue reading!  

    Hal Bunderson is a former businessman and Idaho State Senator and a community leader. He is an old friend of Idaho’s libraries as well as the 2002 recipient of ILA's Legislator of the Year award. Because of his support of Idaho libraries and education, he is offering to donate books to any interested Idaho libraries. The books on offer are listed below followed by instructions on how to opt-in. 

    You may look inside the books on Amazon through the links below or on the Ridenbaugh Press website at Hal will purchase the books from Ridenbaugh Press which will ship the books that you order directly to library address you provide with your order. Hal is covering 100% of the cost of the books and shipping. There is no cost at all to your library.  

    Idaho Entrepreneurs (2nd edition, hardcover)

    Idaho’s 200 Cities: The North (hardcover)

    Idaho’s 200 Cities: The Southwest (hardcover)

    Idaho's 200 Cities: The East (hardcover)

    Idaho’s 200 Cities: The North Trivia (softcover only) 

    Idaho’s 200 Cities: The Southwest Trivia (softcover only) 

    Idaho’s 200 Cities: The East Trivia (only softcover only)

    These books tell Idaho’s history through the stories of each of Idaho’s 200 cities and some of Idaho’s great entrepreneurs. Hal led a group of volunteer researchers and historians from around the state in compiling the Idaho Cities books and wrote Idaho Entrepreneurs himself. ​From the time of their publication, the royalties from the sale of Idaho’s 200 Cities books have gone to the Association of Idaho Cities while the royalties from Idaho Entrepreneurs support a Boise State University endowed scholarship fund. Hal is making this donation as he feels that his gift will directly benefit the institutions he loves: libraries, cities, and education.

    Please click here to fill out a form to request your books. Please submit only one request per library. You may request any or all of the seven titles available; please note that the form requires you to rank your requests in order of preference. You may request only one copy of each title, but you may request all seven titles. This gift is limited to titles that you will make accessible to your library patrons.

    Please submit your completed form by April 10, 2021. ​Your library should receive its books about four weeks later. ​If you have any questions, please email me at You may also find this same information under news on the ILA website  


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